Notion Web Clipper: What is it and How to use it

Notion Web Clipper: What is it and How to use it

October 25, 2022

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A lot of new functionalities are being added to Notion's productivity wiki, now, the app has a built-in Web Clipper (also known as Notion Capture), which is accessible through Chrome and Firefox whether it’s used through Mac or Windows. On Android and iOS as well, via the device's 'Share' feature. A few clicks will allow you to save websites to your Workspace for use whenever you desire. My purpose today is to explain in detail how the Notion Web Clipper works and how you can start to leverage its use.

Notion itself is already a powerful tool, with the Web Clipper feature, you can save a lot of time and boost your organization, allowing you to save articles, screenshots. Basically, you can capture any website with just a few clicks and easily add it to your library.

It gets even better, its use is just as simple as downloading an extension in your Chrome or Firefox browser. Whether you’re researching an article idea or collecting information for an upcoming project, the Notion Web Clipper makes it easy to keep everything right where you need it, is a great feature for saving and organizing web pages. Some use cases of this feature include:

How to use Notion Web Clipper

Accessibility and organization: Web Clipper lets you organize saved content into your notebook so that it’s always easy to find what you require when you want it. Once you save something with Notion Web Clipper, it’s automatically synced across all of your devices so that you have full access to it no matter where you are or what device you’re using. This makes it easy to reference important information on the go and work collaboratively with team members.


Comparison of products: With so many options available online these days, it can be difficult to choose which product is right for you. With web clipper, you can browse through various products and save the ones that interest you, making it easier to compare their features side by side and take the best decisions.


The best tool for research: What an effective way to gather ideas and bookmark websites that you find particularly inspiring or useful. For example, conducting market research for your business, simply clipping and organizing your favorite websites can help make finding relevant content easier than ever by keeping them well-structured in your dedicated database.

Another common use case of web clipper is recalling a website we liked. Web clipper makes it easy to save and organize the information that inspire us from across the web. Whether it's for work, personal use, or a hobby, simply clipping and organizing your favorite websites can help get inspiration in a sec.

Overall, there are many ways to take advantage of the power and versatility of the Notion web clipper. Give it a try and install it with this easy steps:

How to Install and Setup Notion Web Clipper

1. Add Notion Web Clipper as a browser extension


Download and install the Notion Web Clipper Extension for your browser:

  • You will find it in The Extensions Stores from your browser or just bump it here:
  • To begin the installation, click Add to Chrome.
  • image
  • Upon clicking Add Notion Web Clipper, a dialog box will appear. The web clipper will also have a list of permissions. The browser extension can be added by clicking the Add button.
  • image
  • After installing it, you might not see the extension. In this case, Pin the Extension by clicking on the Puzzle 🧩 Icon top right of your browser (chrome / brave)

2. You need to log in to your Notion account:

  • Navigate to the browser bar and click on Notion Web Clipper.
  • When you click on the link, a pop-up window will appear indicating that you must log in. Start the login process by clicking the login button.
  • Notion's website will redirect you to its login page. Using Google authentication will take you to the Continue with Google button, whereas using your email address will take you to the Continue with email button.
  • You will be able to use the Web Clipper after you complete the login process.

3. Visit the site you wish to clip

Click on the website that you want to clip after logging into the Notion Web Clipper.


4. From the browser bar, select Notion Web Clipper

The Notion Web Clipper button is located in the browser bar once you have navigated to the site you wish to clip.

5. The clip may need to be renamed if necessary

When you clip a webpage, the clip captures its title. It can, however, be edited. Type what you want in the title text box by clicking inside it.


6. To clip to a specific page, select it

Choosing the page or database to clip to is perhaps the best insight about the Notion Web Clipper. In the clipping user interface, you can add pages and databases to your Notion account by selecting Add to from the drop-down menu. Save your web page to your defined Notion destination by selecting the page or database you wish to clip it, or better yet, use our Web Clipper Template to save time and effort. Then press Save Page or Enter.


7. View the clipped web page in Notion

You can find your clipped web page or database by opening the Notion. Advertisements and non-core content should be removed from your page.

How to use the Notion clipper On iOS or Android

You can also clip a website to Notion in iOS or Android by following these steps:

  • You should update Notion's iOS or Android to the latest version.
  • In your browser, find a story you want to clip. You can find Notion by scrolling through your apps, then selecting it by clicking the Share button.
  • Press the “More” button if Notion is not listed in the Share Sheet. An application list will appear.
  • Your entire post appears in your Notion workspace once you select the folder or workspace where you want to save it. That's all there is to it.
Extra Tip: To have a stunning view of your saved links, even when the web clipper won’t import the picture of the website. You can easily add it by taking a screenshot of the image you want and pasting it in the page it belongs to, hence, you’ll see it in your gallery view.

In conclusion, Web Clipper is a time saver in matters of research, investigation, and organization. I guessed you’d love it, whereas, I created the perfect template to store your links, so you could start using it right away!

Download it here


Beli Löw

Beli is an IT project manager, tool enthusiast, entrepreneur and has organized his whole life with Notion. His news sources are release notes from tools. There is (almost) no feature or shortcut that he does not know.

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