5 Tips for Notion Newbies

5 Tips for Notion Newbies

September 20, 2022

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It has been four years since I started using Notion and consulting more than fifteen companies. In this journey I’ve accumulated countless lessons, experiences and mastered my expertise. But the funniest part is actually sharing it all here on this blog… If you’re starting in the world of possibilities that Notion brings, here are my 5 Tips that I think could make your journey much easier than mine:

#1 🚀 Just start simple and try

Notion is super flexible, as soon you have added Content into Notion, it’s so easy to move around and explore further. Don’t be afraid of getting your hands dirty! There is a version history of each page, so don’t be afraid to just start adding content, and the system will grow and get shaped.

#2 👩🏼‍🏫 Train your team

It doesn’t really matter which tool you’re using. It’s only as good as your team knows it, get used to it and how much they like it.

The likelihood that they’ll be delighted for Notion is pretty high. In order to accomplish this, you need to make sure your Notion Workspace is properly implemented, and your Team is onboarded and well-trained.

→ If you need a hand with this. Talk to us.

#3 ↔ Use Databases and Relations

Databases and Relations unleash the whole power of Notion. On top of that, with relations, the world is yours, you can connect databases with each other, therefore, you’ll be able to build almost each process or tool you need.

For Example: You have one Database with your Team Members. Another Database with All your projects. Now you can link them with each other to see who’s your Project team. Or to which project your team members are assigned.

#4 🧹Clean structure

Sometimes we’re so excited over the result we’re waiting for that we forget about the process it requires. The crucial part of the most fancy building are its foundations.

This is actually the royal discipline of Notion, most people contact us for this step: to build a clean system that works smoothly for their team, based on the best practice strategies. We’d be happy to also share them with you along with great templates.

And talking about the greatest templates, here you can find awesome resources for your team ⬇️

#5 Be Aware of the Notion 🔥Fire and don’t get the Notion-madness

I saw it so many times and even went through the same process by myself:

As soon as you understand the possibilities Notion offers, you start building systems, databases and start connecting content with each other.

Chances are high that your Notion fire will turn on way too fast and you’ll end up creating very complex systems.

Goodwill recommendation: Even though SOO much is possible within Notion. Try to keep it simple!


➡️ In conclusion, be patient, careful and never stop exploring new features! Keep curious, do a lot of research, and you’ll save a lot of time compared to just you trying by yourself. A wonderful way to get great advice plus simple, but useful tricks is by subscribing to our newsletter. I am happy to share it all with you there!

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