Cycle Synching + Period Tracker

Cycle Synching + Period Tracker




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Cycle Synching + Period Tracker

More than just tracking, match your life to your cycle. Period.

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There’s no need to feel like your period is a curse rather than a natural, awe-inspiring part of being a woman! We understand. For too long, we've been told to settle for the pain, to accept it as our lot in life. But what if we told you there's a way to embrace your cycle with grace and ease?

Inspired by the wisdom of Alisa Vitti, a functional nutritionist, women's hormone expert, and best-selling author. We've created this template from the knowledge she shared in her book “In The Flo” as a solution designed to honor your body's natural rhythms and empower you on your journey. Our Period Cycle Tracker Template isn't just another template—it's a gentle companion that helps you:

  • Synch your daily life with your period for the sake of your wellbeing.
  • Own a space for you to understand your struggles and celebrate your strength.
  • Take advantage of your Hormones Cycles.
  • Balance your energy and biohack your body.

Synch Your Life With Your Period Cycle

Ever wondered why some days you feel like Wonder Woman while others you'd rather hibernate? It's all about syncing up with your cycle. Our template uses the Cycle Synching Method, a proven approach that aligns your diet, exercise, and daily activities with the phases of your menstrual cycle.

✔️ Synch Your Diet, Exercise Routine And Workload To Your Cycle

✔️ Understand Your Hormones Levels In Each Phase: Menstrual, Follicular, Ovulation and Luteal.

✔️ Evaluate Your Symptoms, Track Your Moods And Medications


Built with 🖤 love for Women by Women

✔️ Accurate Cycle Predictions.

✔️ Period Stats.

✔️ Ovulation Tracking.

✔️ Phase Recommendations so you can live a better-synched life.

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Daniela Rode - Notion Developer

Our Notion mastermind! She's the architect of our most complex systems and formulas. And guess what? She’s also the reason we can enjoy Notion in German. Thanks to Dani, we're fluent in productivity.

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Tammy Hazel

A Marketing Nerd whose biggest asset is creativity. I love to find the beauty inside Notion and create visually attractive spaces in order to stimulate ideas and motivation.

Why I Love This Template

I've dealt with PMS and PCOS myself, spending half my life believing it was a curse to be a woman. Frustrated by the lack of understanding and societal awareness, I began to educate myself about my biology and pay special care to my hormones. This journey led me to discover a way of living that truly made me feel better. Creating this template has been my heartfelt contribution to help other women experience their cycles with greater ease.

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