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For all solopreneurs, freelancers and solo pioneers who want to take off with their idea.


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Tired of paying one hundred subscriptions and using 101 Tools?

Exhausted of the clutter and inefficiency? Upgrade to the last Notion template you’ll need and just forget about:

Trying new templates non-stop

Downloading, customizing, and abandoning templates. It's a frustrating experience that can lead to feelings of guilt and inadequacy.

Dispersed Information Task and data scattering across multiple platforms.
Goal Disconnection

Feeling adrift without a clear system to set, track, and achieve business goals, leading to a lack of focus and progress.

Paying for Multiple Subscriptions

Simplify your expenses with an all-in-one tool.

Task Overload Paralysis

Drowning in an avalanche of tasks, making it difficult to see what truly matters and where to begin.

Project Chaos

Lacking a system to organize and track progress, leading to confusion and missed deadlines.

Client Disorder

Managing client interactions across various platforms, resulting in missed opportunities and a struggle to build strong relationships.

Say goodbye to that chaos and hello to a centralized all in one place tool, designed to manage your business successfully and focus on what truly matters.

Don't get caught in the “Notion Template Trap” Instead, invest in a comprehensive, one-stop solution that will actually transform your workflow and achieve your goals.

This isn't just another Notion template that'll end up collecting digital dust and never deliver, when this is what is actually possible for you:

Capture quickly and easily, so nothing gets lost, and you stay focused.

Are you working on a task and have an idea for another project? Capture a short note in the inbox. This way, you can get back to the current task. And you know nothing will be lost.


Gain absolute control over your daily agenda with the intuitive Tasks Dashboard


Seamlessly organize, prioritize, and track your to-dos in one centralized location. Never miss a deadline and effortlessly stay on top of your workload, enabling you to focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward.

Transform your ideas into actionable plans effortlessly with the Projects module.


Impress your customers with the client portal for an external and easy collaboration with each one of them. Visualize, structure, and execute your projects with unparalleled clarity. From inception to completion, witness them take shape and flourish like never before.

Elevate customer interactions and drive business growth through CRM


Forge meaningful connections and nurture valuable relationships with our CRM module. Keep track of leads, clients, and contacts effortlessly, enhancing engagement through personalized communication and targeted strategies.

Boost your marketing strategy with our dynamic Marketing Dashboard


Create compelling content, plan, and monitor performance. Our feature-rich module offers a comprehensive toolkit, empowering you to elevate your brand presence and drive impactful results.

All you need to remember and find later in one place, categorized, easy to access and ready whenever you require it.


We keep it powerful but still simple. You’ll also find:

(OKRs) Accomplish your business goals with Objectives and Key Results


Set ambitious yet achievable objectives, track progress, and witness your entrepreneurial vision come to life with clarity and precision.

Your first steps made easy: Start with the Onboarding Guide


You don’t have to get overwhelmed while wondering where and how to start. We include a step-by-step guide to make sure you really start using your template.

This Notion Template has been designed to revolutionize the way you manage tasks, projects, and every aspect of your entrepreneurial journey

Don't let the chaos of managing your business hinder your success. Embrace efficiency, streamline your operations, and boost your business to new heights with the Solopreneur OS Notion template. Join countless entrepreneurs who have unlocked their potential and revolutionized their businesses. Take charge of your entrepreneurial journey today!

Notioneers Solopreneur OS

✔️ Projects & Tasks Management

✔️ Knowledge & Document Management

✔️ Marketing & Content Creation

✔️ Built according to P.A.R.A. by Tiago Forte.

✔️ Tasks according to the GTD©️ method by David Allen.

129 €

189 €

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Solopreneur + Second Brain + Consulting

✔️ The Solopreneur Template

✔️ Second Brain Template

✔️ 1:1 Notion Training

✔️ Q&As with Notion Expert

✔️ 2 weeks Support

✔️ Save time and effort by talking to a certified Notion Consulting

850 €


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This template is perfect for you if
  • You're a Freelancer: Whether you're a writer, designer, consultant, or a service provider, this template is designed to elevate your freelance game by bringing structure and organization to your workflow.
  • Solo Business Maestro: Running your business solo has its challenges, but with this template, you'll regain control. Say goodbye to the overwhelm of juggling multiple responsibilities and hello to a more organized, efficient operation.
  • Ambitious Entrepreneur at Heart: You're determined to scale your business and crave a system that aligns with your goals.
  • Seeking Business Mastery: If you're eager to optimize your business operations, boost productivity, and foster growth in a structured manner.
  • Yearning for Workflow Efficiency: For those who want a simplified yet complete system that integrates easily into your daily routine, this template offers an all-in-one solution for your entrepreneurial endeavours.
This template is NOT for you if
  • Solopreneur OS is designed for individuals running their own business or starting out. For teams of more than one person, we recommend Notioneers' Company OS.
  • You're All About Emailing Every Task: If you're still vibing with the '80s email trend for every single task, our all-in-one template might not be your cup of tea.
  • You prefer using Excel to organize your business, which is a great btw tool. However, since its invention in 1985, there are now better ways to run your business after 35 years 😉.

Solopreneur OS + Second Brain + Notion Consulting!

  • Solopreneur takes care of your business, while Second Brain organizes your private life for a complete, well-rounded approach to your responsibilities.
  • Forget about tutorials. Tired of wasting time with endless hours on instructional videos? our bundle includes two hours of consulting with an expert, ensuring you fully understand and maximize this powerful tool.
  • Best Practices Unveiled: Learn the best practices for leveraging Notion effectively, ensuring you're equipped with the knowledge to make the most out of the templates.
  • This is not just another generic template – it's a unified system designed to work harmoniously. No more headaches from mismatched tools or time-sucking searching of inefficient templates.
  • Everything you need for a kick-start into the solopreneur life. From business management to personal organization, it's all here.
  • Expert Consulting: Elevate your understanding and address any questions with our consulting services. Benefit from personalized guidance to optimize your workflow and productivity.

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How much? When? and How?

Best-Practice-Template, Training and Support

What you take

  • Solopreneur OS Template 189
  • Second Brain Template 129
  • Individual 1:1 Notion Training 400
  • Meeting 1:1 - Questions and Answers 250
  • 2 Weeks Support 300
  • 850.00

    1268.00 €

Your Journey with Our Ultimate Bundle

  1. Complete Your Order
  2. Book Your 1:1 Training You’ll receive an email inviting you to book your first call. Where we’ll understand better how you would use the tool and will introduce you to Notion.
  3. Attend Your Notion Intro Take notes, observe, make questions and have fun.
  4. Book Your Q&A Meeting Within two weeks after your training, schedule your second session to further address your evolving needs.
  5. Use the System and Prepare Questions: Use the templates and as you navigate them, write down any questions or challenges you encounter.
  6. Attend Your Second Session: Bring your questions and challenges to the table for personalized guidance, ensuring you're getting the most out of your systems and relax knowing that you got our support.
  7. Celebrate: Conclude the process by taking a moment to celebrate your commitment to master Notion and boost your productivity. We're thrilled to play a part in your journey to success and add your story to the many happy endings we’ve collected ⬇️ 

What our happy clients say

Get to know the author


Beli Löw – Notion Certified Consultant

Templates are my adult version of Lego, and creating them is my new favourite game.

After founding two companies since I was 18, worked in project management and software development for over 10 years, I found the tool which inspired me to represent every area of my life within it for the last four years so far.

Why I love this Template

As someone who started as a solopreneur myself, I experienced the struggle of trying to find the right tools for a long time. I really wanted to manage my business in all on one platform, or at least reduce the number of tools required for my operations. This template did not materialize just overnight, rather, it has been evolving as the result of years of daily use, tests, set-ups for customers, rectifying errors and adapting to incorporate the newest features. I couldn't be happier with this outcome. Every time I see fellow solopreneurs using this template and witnessing their happiness, it's incredibly fulfilling for me.

Solopreneur FAQs
What’s the difference between Solopreneur OS and Company OS?

Company OS: ideal for teams. Solopreneur: designed for individuals running their own business or starting out. For teams, we recommend Notioneers' Company OS.

What’s the difference between Solopreneur OS and Second Brain?

Solopreneur is perfect for individuals managing their own business or starting out. Second Brain is tailored for organizing your personal life.

What is the P.A.R.A method?

PARA is a productivity framework by Tiago Forte, categorizing digital content into Projects, Areas, Resources, and Archives for efficient organization and workflow management.

Read more in our article

What is the GTD method?

GTD (Getting Things Done) is a productivity method by David Allen, focusing on efficient task organization, information management, and stress reduction through systematic task handling and regular review.

Can I customize the template?

Of course! Once you duplicate it in your workspace, you’re free to modify it as you please, just like any other Notion Page.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes! We want you to be happy with our products. this is why we offer a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Just send us a e-mail to:

What happens after my purchase?

Right after the payment, you will receive an email with a link to download the template. You can start right away!

Do I need a paid Notion subscription, or can I use this template with a free account?

Nope, the free version of Notion is sufficient for the beginning.

Only if you want to upload documents larger than 5 GB or collaborate with more than 5 guests in your workspace, you will need the Personal version.

How can I get support?

If you have any questions about our Notion Second Brain template, simply send us an email at We are happy to assist you!

Can I get financial support?

Are you a student, NPO or you just really want it are not able to afford it? Email us at We’ll be happy to help!

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