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Notion Vision Board and Life Planner Template

A comprehensive way to structure your goals and streamline your aspirations

Wondering how to turn your aspirations into reality? A vision board is a tool that can help. It's a collage of images, quotes, and affirmations representing your goals. By creating a visual representation of your dreams, you're setting a powerful intention and signaling what you want to bring into your life. It's a practice backed by the law of attraction and proven to work wonders!

Key Features

  1. Life Analysis: Evaluate your crucial life areas for enhanced self-awareness and better goal selection.
  2. Add your goals: Effortlessly add chosen goals to your dynamic vision board from the analysis section.
  3. Dynamic Vision Board: Create a vibrant, customizable vision board with drag-and-drop functionality.
  4. Customizable Affirmations: Personalize affirmations to foster a positive mindset aligned with your goals.

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How to create the vision board in Notion:

  1. Life Analysis: Reflect on key life areas like career, relationships or health. Rate your current satisfaction in each one and determine the aspects you want to improve.
  1. Energy Assessment: Identify what drains your energy and what replenishes it in each domain. Acknowledge patterns and prioritize activities that align with your goals and well-being.
  1. Goal Formulation: Craft empowering goals based on your newfound self-awareness. Let these goals embody your aspirations for a balanced life, forming the foundation for your vision board.
  1. Digital Board Construction: Utilize Notion's user-friendly interface to translate your goals into a captivating digital vision board. Customize the board to reflect your unique style and aspirations, ensuring easy access for daily inspiration and motivation.

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Why a digital vision board in Notion?

The concept of the vision board traces its roots back to the ancient practice of creating visual representations of desires and aspirations to manifest them into reality. However, it gained modern popularity in the self-help movement during the 20th century. The practice revolves around the idea that by consistently visualizing one's goals and dreams, individuals can program their subconscious minds to actively seek opportunities that align with their visions.

Now, transitioning this practice into the digital realm, you can carry your digital vision board wherever life takes you. Whether you're working on your laptop at a café, checking in on your tablet during a break, or using your smartphone on the go, you'll have seamless access to your vision board. This accessibility ensures that your dreams and aspirations are never far from reach, allowing you to stay connected with your goals and intentions even in the midst of a busy and dynamic lifestyle full of distractions.

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Get to know the author


Beli Löw – Notion Certified Consultant

Templates are my adult version of Lego, and creating them is my new favourite game.

After founding two companies since I was 18, worked in project management and software development for over 10 years, I found the tool which inspired me to represent every area of my life within it for the last four years so far.

What is a Notion Template?

A Notion Template is a publicly shared page in Notion that can be duplicated. This allows you to use existing templates for you. In Notion itself you can find some templates. You can also get other people's templates online.

How can I duplicate a Template?

Once you open the template, click on the button Duplicate in the upper right corner. Now select the workspace you want to place it.

Do I need a paid Notion subscription, or can I use this template with a free account?

Nope, the free version of Notion is sufficient for the beginning.

Only if you want to upload documents larger than 5 GB or collaborate with more than 5 guests in your workspace, you will need the Personal version.

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