Sharing Bills & Expenses

Sharing Bills & Expenses




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Sharing Bills & Expenses made easy!

Forget about lost bills and disagreements over billing. Keep track of shared expenses with roommates, friends or trips.


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Ideal for shared apartments, or groups of friends who want to share their expenses. The template provides features for recording and sharing expenses, for tracking who owes what, and for easily settling debts. It is easy to use and can be adapted to your specific needs.


Keep track of who owes whom how much.


Easy recording and tracking.

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  • Clean design
  • Easy to use
  • Free expense tracking and splitting

Get to know the author


Beli Löw – Notion Certified Consultant

Templates are my adult version of Lego, and creating them is my new favourite game.

After founding two companies since I was 18, worked in project management and software development for over 10 years, I found the tool which inspired me to represent every area of my life within it for the last four years so far.

Why I Love this template

It's a simple template that solves a big problem. No annoying Excel lists or extensive statements after a trip. I use it for traveling or in my shared apartment.

What is a Notion Template?

A Notion Template is a publicly shared page in Notion that can be duplicated. This allows you to use existing templates for you. In Notion itself you can find some templates. You can also get other people's templates online.

How can I duplicate a Template?

Once you open the template, click on the button Duplicate in the upper right corner. Now select the workspace you want to place it.

Do I need a paid Notion subscription, or can I use this template with a free account?

Nope, the free version of Notion is sufficient for the beginning.

Only if you want to upload documents larger than 5 GB or collaborate with more than 5 guests in your workspace, you will need the Personal version.

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