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Budget Planner and Expense Tracker for Notion


Our Budget and Expense Tracker for Notion is the perfect companion for anyone who wants to stay on top of their finances. With this template you can track your income and expenses, set budgets and achieve your financial goals.

Features Include

  • Track your income and expenses in real time.
  • Set budgets for different categories.
  • Set financial goals and track your progress.
  • Get an overview of your finances.
  • Store receipts for important expenses, like the warranty on your new MacBook.

How it works

Our Budget and Expense Tracker template is super easy to use and customizable. You can add or remove your own categories based on your specific needs. The template comes with suggested categories such as food, housing, transportation, and entertainment. You can set budgets for each category and track your actual spending. This helps you see where you can save money and where you need to cut back.

Quick Entries

Track your expenses easily with one click and sort them later.




Plan your budget for the year

You can plan your year in the Financial Planner by setting a budget for each month and making sure you stay within your financial means.

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Get to know the author


Beli Löw – Notion Certified Consultant

Templates are my adult version of Lego, and creating them is my new favourite game.

After founding two companies since I was 18, worked in project management and software development for over 10 years, I found the tool which inspired me to represent every area of my life within it for the last four years so far.

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